Sportscover Online Facilities Help

Thankyou for using Sportscover's Online Facilities. If you difficulties persist, please contact Sportscover via email by Clicking Here or by calling your nearest Sportscover Office. Please check below to see if you can solve the problem with the one of these commonly asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I typed in my Sportscover User ID and Password but I couldn't login. I was just shown a screen that asked me to Login again. Why is this ?

The most likely cause is that you have misspelt either your Sportscover User ID or your Password. Try again and carefully check both of these. If this problem persists, please contact Sportscover to get a new Sportscover User ID and Password.

After I try to login, I get the message "The server wishes to set a cookie that will be sent to any server in the domain The Name and the Value of the cookie are: sessionID=994732672748485 Do you wish to allow the cookie to be set?" What does this mean?

You must answer by pressing OK to this message. If you do not press OK, you will not be logged in so you won't be able to look at any information.

A cookie is just the way that we keep track of you being logged in.

When I try to view a claim, I am told that I am not logged in and asked to login again. Why did this happen?

The most likely cause of this is that when you were asked to accept the cookie (see above), you press Cancel instead of Ok. Type in your Sportscover User ID and password to login again.

I get a message saying that I am unauthorised to access this claim. What does this mean ?

This means that you are not allowed to look at the claim number that you typed in or that this claim number does not exist.

Press the BACK button on your browser to go to the previous page. Then check carefully that you have typed in the correct claim number.

If you have typed in the correct claim number then you are not the registered broker for this claim.

If you are still unable to access the claim, please contact Sportscover.